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NYC Pawn Shop, jewelry, watches, diamonds, gold, platinum, coins.
Major Pawn West  Phone: 516-867-0737
Address: 730 Sunrise HWY, Baldwin, NY  11510.
Major Pawn East  Phone: 631-225-1088
Address: 111 W Sunrise HWY, Lindenhurst, NY  11757.
Major Pawn Central  Phone: 631-249-7296
Address: 45 Broadhollow Rd Route 110, Farmingdale, NY  11735.
Metropolitan PawnBrokers  Phone: 718-805-7296
Address: 118-07 Atlantic Ave, Richmond Hill, NY  11418.
Metropolitan PawnBrokers  Phone: 718-441-0936
Address: 92-16A Jamaica Ave, Woodhaven, NY  11421.
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